The Sooner You Know, the Safer You Are

VSK electronics behoort tot Xtralis, fabrikant van uiterst gevoelige branddetectie en geïntegreerde systemen. In België worden deze systemen door VSK electronics en TTG geïnstalleerd.

Who is Xtralis ? 

Xtralis provides very early warning fire detection and integrated security solutions that help identify threats before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. The sooner your organization is alerted to a safety hazard or security breach, the more time you have to respond intelligently. The most respected businesses and top governments around the world rely on Xtralis to protect their personnel, assets and irreplaceable cultural and historic landmarks.
Xtralis has been a pioneer in safety and security for more than 25 years. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of very early warning air-sampling smoke detectors (ASD), including VESDA, the world's No. 1 ASD brand, and developed the industry’s first video motion detection technologies. With more than 110 separate innovations in our technology portfolio, Xtralis leads the market in fire detection and integrated security solutions, including access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and traffic detection and management.

Our smoke detection systems protect more than 3 billion square feet of facilities, and we have installed more than 45,000 security systems around the world, making Xtralis the provider of choice for safety and security professionals. Our powerful threat detection solutions deliver unparalleled protection and situational awareness for:

  • 200  Fortune 500 customers
  • 80% of telecom providers
  • 80% of semiconductor manufacturers
  • Largest mining facilities
  • Local, reginal and national government agencies
  • International railways
  • European traffic management 
Xtralis serves more than 40,000 customer sites in 100 countries through a worldwide network of more than 400 certified partners. Our Fire and Environmental Business Unit is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and our Security Applications Business Unit is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

Xtralis manufactures our safety and security solutions using targeted Six Sigma techniques and design reliability analysis, and they have been certified by more than 35 regulatory bodies worldwide. Because of our expertise in fire science and security, we work closely with these organizations to continually enhance or develop new international standards.

  • Xtralis VESDA – Early warning air-sampling detection
  • Xtralis ICAM – Fire/gas detection en environmental monitoring
  • Xtralis Security Solutions – IP access control and security, featering ADPRO video security and intrusion detection
  • Xtralis Traffic Solutions – Traffic detection and management